WordzbyRalph, also known as Ralphie, is a 27-year-old upcoming artist from Miami, Florida. He grew up in a neighborhood called Scott Lake.

He started making music because he has always been singing songs around the house since he was a young boy and it has just stuck with him. He…

TGwap is an upcoming music artist from Illinois. He is 27 years old. He has grown up rapping, but last February in 2020, he decided to take it more serious. He has been continuously releasing tracks on SoundCloud every week or every other week. He currently has 6 EPs out…

Elvis Mills is a 39 year old music artist from West Palm Beach. He started making music in August of 2020 and has loved every moment of it. He issues music as an outlet for his creativity and stress.

His style varies from hip hop to R&B. Elvis Mills’ most successful track is titled “Revival”. It has over 2K streams on reels. He has been working hard to produce quality music that shows his character and his creativity.

Elvis Mills is inspired by Timbaland Swizz Beats and tons of indie producers and artists. He is always willing to collaborate with artists. He wants to release his sound to the world.

Instagram: starlord7516

Jay Rector is a 23 year old music artist from Marshall, Missouri. He has been making music since he was 17 years old. He has experience with drums, guitars, and other instruments. Music helped Jay Rector heal the scars and trauma he experienced and get through some really tough times…

Javerious Holden, also known as TNE Jaypee, is an upcoming music artist residing in Beaumont, Texas.

He started his music career in the beginning of this year (2021). His friends really encouraged him to pursue music because of his talent and image. He has the persona and confidence that suits…

XxxViatus is a 24-year-old upcoming artist from High Point, North Carolina.

He started making music about a year ago. He always knew that music was something he wanted to do, so he surfaced his passion and musical abilities and is now a great artist. He wants to be an artist that people can listen to and gain perspective or insight from while listening. Music is one thing that stores humanity and helps individuals everyday.

XxxViatus’s style is rap and singing. His most successful track is the leading single for his upcoming mixtape “Love Addiction.” It has over 70K streams on SoundCloud. Stay tuned for his mixtape that is dropping soon.

He is inspired by Juice WRLD, Jay Z, and XXXTENTACION.

Instagram: ll_avenue

Bradley, also known as Avo Rosé is an 18-year-old artist from Guthrie, Oklahoma. He started making music in 2016 because it became his outlet for emotion and expressions when his mother had passed away. He has a younger brother (of three years) that he promised to take care of. His…

LosieOnThaTrack is a 27 year oldupcoming artist from Baltimore in Harford county.

He has been making music since he was nine years old. He has always enjoyed listening and making music his whole life. His mom helped him and encouraged him by putting music together when he started, and then…

Meet Jonathan Giddens. He is a 24 year old upcoming artist from Texas.

He has always felt a deep connection to music since he was a young boy. It has big influence on his life and emotions and he has always been a writer, so using music to express himself…


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