Meet Javerious Holden

Javerious Holden, also known as TNE Jaypee, is an upcoming music artist residing in Beaumont, Texas.

He started his music career in the beginning of this year (2021). His friends really encouraged him to pursue music because of his talent and image. He has the persona and confidence that suits a successful music career.

Javerious Holden’s style is Hip Hop and Rap. He enjoys making upbeat and unique tracks. His most successful track is titled “Dat N***a” it currently has over 203K views on YouTube. It is his most streamed song on all platforms.

Some of Javerious Holden’s biggest music inspirations are Lil Baby, Lil Durk, and Moneybag Yo. Be on the look out for “Top Notch Entertainment.”

Instagram: _tnejaypee




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