Meet Jonathan Giddens

Meet Jonathan Giddens. He is a 24 year old upcoming artist from Texas.

He has always felt a deep connection to music since he was a young boy. It has big influence on his life and emotions and he has always been a writer, so using music to express himself came very naturally. He has always been writing music, but didn’t record his first professional song until he was 19 years old.

Jonathan Giddens was half of an independent label that him and an old friend started in high school. Unfortunately he had to end those ties due to the jealousy and the toxic energy that came from him. There is nothing but love from Jonathan‘s end. He is working on his first official album that is going to drop before 2022. He is really close with his mom, dad, brothers, sisters, and his daughter. These people are very special in his heart and deserve a lot, and he is going to get them what they deserve one way or another.

His music style depends on his mood and how he is feeling in the moment. He mostly does hip-hop and sometimes R&B. Jonathan Giddens favorite song that he recorded was when he was in a hard stage of his life being because he was heartbroken. The track is titled “Broken Heart.” It is his favorite because he couldn’t talk to the girl, subject of the song, so he had to vent to himself. He lost the girl that he believed was the one for him. He felt that he loved her more than she could love him, and it was more lost than love for her in the relationship. The song is really close to his heart and it’s some thing that pops in his head every day.

Jonathan Gibbons is a big Heavengate fan. People say that he sounds like him, but he doesn’t think they do, they just relay on various levels. He listens to a lot of old Gucci and Lil Wayne.

Instagram: dareal_yunghenderson