Meet TGwap

TGwap is an upcoming music artist from Illinois. He is 27 years old. He has grown up rapping, but last February in 2020, he decided to take it more serious. He has been continuously releasing tracks on SoundCloud every week or every other week. He currently has 6 EPs out with 2 on Spotify and all other streaming platforms. He has another one that will be dropping in a week or so. TGwap started making music because since he was a young boy, he thought it was cool and fun.

His style is hustle music. The genre of most of his music falls under is hip-hop and rap. His most successful track is titled “money talk.” It has over 300K streams, which is a great accomplishment. TGwap is a self-motivated artist. His inspiration often comes from himself and his own personal experiences. You can expect more releases and songs in time. His capabilities and skills age like fine wine.

He is currently on his seventh EP and his eighth is in the studio consistently. TGwap’s Love and passion for music is like no other and he does not plan on stopping anytime soon. He strives to be the best with no doubt about it.

Instagram: tm_gwap

Artist name on streaming platforms: TMGwap




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