Meet Gucci PT, he is a twenty-six-year-old musician. He is from Gainesville, Florida, but is currently located in San Francisco, California.

He started making music around his Junior and Senior year of high school. He would freestyle on YouTube beats with his friend Spiffyvuitton. His friend introduced him to a program called Mixcraft, which allowed them to record their own songs. From that point on, Gucci PT has been in love with the music making process.

His music style is in the Lo-Fi hip hop and R&B genres. He prefers to call it “mood music.” He works hard to capture a specific feeling that can relax any type of audience. He likes to make music that one would listen to while on a late night Drive. His most successful track is currently titled “Casey’s Interlude. “

He is humbled by the people who listen and enjoy his music. Some artists that Inspire Gucci PT AR PartyNextDoor, Bryson Tiller, and Drake.

Note From Artist: “One take away from it is that we are all creative in our own ways, and hopefully my journey shows that anyone can express themselves and it’s still be cool and true. “

Instagram: gucciprimetime